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Part One

I have walked side by side with death. In the village Fortada death was common; death was a way of life. For my twin brother and I, death was the only way. We had never seen our parents but were told they died from a fast sweeping disease. We were raised by our grandmother who did what she could. Our family was known as a lineage of lowly peasants. My brother and I would sit on the dirt and watch in envy as other boys learned how to be men from their fathers. Learning how to weld, hunt, and fight like knights. We were not fighters; we were petty, weak fourteen year olds. I remember the day when this all changed. My brother and I were coming home from town with food for our grandmother’s soup. She had not been feeling too well but still managed to fulfill the basic duties of a guardian. When we were about halfway home, we crossed paths with an older boy named William who was a soon to be knight. He was older than we were and was about the size of both of us put together. He was an alpha man and we were betas. So we did what any beta would do, avoid eye contact and keep our heads down when walking past a man of such stature. As we nervously walked by, I felt a jolt of energy from behind.
“Hey loser, what have you got on you?” he said.
I flew onto the floor, dropping all the food we had gotten. My knees had been scuffed as well as my hands and face. My brother James was in utter shock. He had never been in a situation like this and was frozen in fear. Fear was all we knew.
“Uh, nothing just food for our grandmother” I said as I tried to get up.
“You guys are pathetic” he said.
He walked over to me and kicked me in the ribs sending me to the floor gasping for breath. In that instant my brother had had enough. James lunged at him and punched him in the back. William seemed unfazed and immediately turned around and delivered a mammoth punch to his mouth. My brother was just as bloody and battered as I was. Was this how we were going to die? As feeble men who had accomplished nothing in their lifetimes and only continued on a family long lineage of peasantry.
James, with a bloody foaming mouth said “Leave us alone.”
He stepped towards me and said “How about I end your useless life” as he took out a knife from his pocket. “It’s not like anyone would even care if a few peasants died anyway” he stated.
He charged towards me with the knife and for the first time, I looked another man in the eye. Time had slowed down. I looked him dead in the eye. With all attention on him, and unwavering eye contact, the thoughts ran through my head. “DIE, DIE, DIE” I whispered in anger and pain. I held my gaze thinking it would be my first and last. William stopped dead in his tracks. Freezing, looking at me as if I were the grim reaper and had come to take his life. I kept my gaze firm. I could sense the fear building up. He remained still with a horrified look. Why hadn’t he run away by now? I began to feel linked to his mind as if I could control what he did and what he thought. I whispered “And now you die…” with a sly grin on my face and a cold hearted tone. I felt a pulse in my brain and was stunned for a fraction of a second when William collapsed onto the floor. I immediately looked at my downed brother with eyes of regret. He looked at me with bloody grin and eyes of hatred. After a few minutes, it was apparent. William was dead. We picked up the food and ran home, promising to never reveal what had happened. It was a secret, our secret.

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~ by billyfrawley on November 8, 2011.

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  1. I like where you story is going. It’s very creative. Your story goes well with what happens alomst everyday. I am excited for this story and can’t wait to see what happen next. The detail you provided was great. Good Job

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