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Everything wired, even our brains.
Electric powered engines, making our decisions.
Do this, think that, am I insane?
Crafted by the elite for supervision.

The average man just a sheep.
Unable to think, paralyzed by fear of the unknown.
The same old routine—eat, work, and sleep.
Abandoned by his fellow man, left alone.

Living in a blur.
Sprinkle in some lies and give it a stir.
Round and round it goes, the least pure.
Concoction name—rush society.
Take it down, ready to endure.
Realizing, there is no cure.

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~ by billyfrawley on November 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Blur”

  1. this is quite a pessimistic view of humanity and society, billy, and you might alienate some of your readers with lines such as “The average man just a sheep.” because of course most of us are average. i’m intrigued by your image of electricity and being wired–are you suggesting that we live out mechanized lives? What happens to this image after the first stanza?

    an interesting poem–what are your ideas for revision?

  2. One of two things…
    1. Change it to the first person, so no one is offended.
    2. Keep the first stanza and rewrite.

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